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Monday,  27th June 2016

Torquay : Par 71 , Scratch 70, DSR  74,

Field Size:  101 players


  Name Stableford Score
Division 1 (0-14 H'cp)    
Winner Milton Tattersall 34 pts
Runner Up Geoff Trethowan 33 pts c/b
Division 2 (15-19 H'cp)    
Winner Don McPherson 38 pts
Runner Up Geoff Fifer 35 pts
Division 3 (19-36 H'cp)    
Winner Graeme Mills 39 pts
Runner Up Jack Pearson 36 pts
3rd Hole Rob Law  
12th Hole Brent McDonald  
17th Hole Jim Demetrious  
Far too many players did not write their full 10 digit Golflink number on their card which made doing the results much more difficult than it should have been. If the card is not pre printed with your Golflink number you MUST write the full number on your card.    
Next event:       Monday 18th July at Curlewis. Shotgun start at 8:30am. Annual General Meeting follows game.  


Would ALL players also note that if your score card is not pre printed with your Golflink number, you MUST write the FULL 10 digit number on your card every time. If you don't, it adds significantly to the time it takes to process the cards.