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Monday, 30th March 2015

East Geelong: Par 70 , Scratch 68, DSR  71,

1st Round of Geelong District Championship

Field Size:   107 players

At what point will members understand that they have to know their GA handicap before they arrive for games. More than 10% of the field for this game played off the wrong handicap and 7 players were disqualified. The new handicap system has been in place for well over a year and players should understand their responsibilities by now.


  Name Stableford Score
Division 1 (0-14 H'cp)    
Winner Brian Shaw 36 pts c/b
Runner Up Tony Leeds 36 pts
Division 2 (15-19 H'cp)    
Winner Alan McKerlie 38 pts
Runner Up Ron Kozak 35 pts
Division 3 (20 - 36 H'cp)    
Winner Bob Seaton 41 pts
Runner Up Les Hutchinson 40 pts
8th Hole Mike Lunney  
12th Hole Gerry Arnold  
Next event: Barwon Valley 13th April 2015
All players please note new telephone number for cancellations on the morning of games. Call 0499 265 507 NOT the number on the front of your fixture card.